Price Information for Immigration Services

Our dedicated team of immigration solicitors are committed to our clients to ensure that we achieve a positive outcome – and part of that is advising you clearly and transparently of the costs of your case.

Whether you are an individual client or a business, we will ensure we explain:

  • How our fees will be calculated
  • Whether or not we can act for you under a fixed fee agreement without the worry of increased fee and a peace of mind of no further cost throughout the duration of the case
  • How we have estimated our likely fees
  • How we have estimated the other costs that you may incur
  • What our hourly rates are- if applicable
  • What we will do for you within our estimate
  • Confirmation regarding the merits and prospects of success of case
  • Value and efficiency from our team

We are able to act under the following arrangements:

Our fees are as follows:

Immigration - If clients cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of the instruction, we are happy to accept half of the fee at the time of initial instructions and the balance to be paid within 28 days.

What our service involves:

We offer a professional service with very reasonable fees and flexible payment terms for all of our clients. If clients cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of the instructions, we are happy to accept half of the agreed fee at the time of initial instructions and the balance to be paid within 28 days. Our agreed fee covers all work relating to your matter including;


Immigration -Fixed Fees

If we offer a fixed fee to complete the legal work required, we will let you know the cost at the outset so that you have certainty and clarity in relation to the fees you will have to pay.  We offer fixed fees for most of our immigration cases and hourly rate will only apply if the case has a level of complexity.

Our fixed-fee, not only covers the initial stages of work, but throughout the duration until the matter is concluded.

  COSTS £ (excl. VAT)
Application for Asylum 2,200.00
Asylum Appeal (excluding Barristers’ fees) 1,850.00
First Application FLR(O), FLR(M), FLR(FP) 1,850.00
Extension FLR(O), FLR(M)    980.00 
>> Including Dependents  250.00 each
Immigration Appeal (excluding Barrister’s fees, court fees &disbursements) 1st Tier Tribunal 1,580.00
Appeal to Upper Tribunal (new clients) (excluding Barrister’s fees & disbursements)   750.00 
Appeal to Upper Tribunal (existing clients) (excluding Barrister’s fees & disbursements)



Application for permission to appeal to Upper Tribunal (excluding Barrister’s fees). Please discuss for new clients. 450.00
Remit for full hearing (existing clients) (excluding Barrister’s fees). Discuss for hearing outside of London  790.00
Application for Review (Reconsideration)   850.00
Deportation Appeal/Removal 3,950.00
Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) (SET (O)) (SET (M)) (SET (F)) 1,875.00
>> Including Dependents 250.00 each
Judicial Review (excluding Barrister’s fees) 3,500.00
Naturalisation for Adult   680.00
Registration for Children   600.00
Bail and Detention Application (excluding Barrister’s fees & court fees) 1,150.00

 … Sponsorship 

Entry Clearance, Settlement 1,650.00
Entry Clearance, Visitor    750.00
NRPF Application    420.00
Tier 1 & 2 1,500.00
Tier 4 (General/Child, Student) 1,000.00
Work Sponsorship Application 1,350.00

... EEA

EEA Permanent Residence Application 1,500.00
EEA Workers Registration Scheme    750.00

Residence Document based on marriage to an EEA National

Residence Permit/Document others



Turkish Ankara Agreement (ECAA) 1,950.00



Hourly rate- if applicable

We will confirm to you our hourly rate and make available an estimate of the amount of time which we consider will be required either to complete the legal work required or in respect of stages of the matter depending on the complexities and circumstances of your case. We are transparent in respect of our fees and will update you frequently on the costs of the matter.

We work to agreed hourly rates, as detailed below, with estimates for each stage of work provided in advance in our client care and updated letter.

If agreed to act for you under an hourly rate, our hourly rates are as follows:

Principal £340 excluding VAT per hour
Senior Solicitor £300 excluding VAT per hour
Solicitor £265 excluding VAT per hour
Trainee or paralegal £150 excluding VAT per hour

For a free, no-obligation discussion of how we may be able to help, please get in touch.

Call us on 020 7840 067 or send us an email and make enquiry on lineYou can also make an appointment to come in to see us and someone will be able to assist you. However, a consultation fee of £120 plus VAT –if applicable, will be charged for 45mins.

This meeting will take place in confidence between yourself and one of our qualified lawyers to establish the full details of your specific circumstances; taking down your full instruction; we will consider all the applicable legislation, policy and any case law that will need to be taken into account; we will finally have a detailed discussion to advise on your options and merits of success in your case. A costs-benefit analysis and a full explanation of our duties towards you will be provided, with plenty of time for you to ask any further questions for clarification before the end of the consultation.  

We will deduct this consultation fee from your total fees once we are engaged to act for you.

It is not our policy to offer legal advice over the phone or by email prior to being formally engaged as your legal representative, but our solicitors are happy to understand your matter over the phone/by email and offer a consultation if it is required.

All fees quoted will include where relevant:

The work will involve:

  • taking initial instructions
  • providing advice on which documents would be needed for your type of application/appeal
  • preparing representations in support of your application
  • Sending the application form, representations and support evidence to the Home Office
  • discussing your circumstances in detail and confirming whether this is the most appropriate application for you to make and what other options may be available to you and providing you with advice;
  • giving you advice about the requirements of the Immigration  Rules, timescales and whether you meet the criteria.
  • if you do not fully satisfy certain criteria, whether this can be overcome and the way forward;
  • considering the supporting evidence, you have provided, which we anticipate will take 5-7 hours, depending on the case;
  • where necessary, helping you obtain further evidence (such as medical records, letters from school, supporting letters from family and friends and bank statements), including taking statements of any witnesses;
  • preparing your application and submitting it on your behalf, which we anticipate will take 2-4 hours;
  • Attendance at a Home Office interview or carrying out mock interviews: if the Home Office ask you to attend an interview, we will give you clear advice (and discuss the possibility of us attending with you) at the appropriate time. This could be between 3-6 hours of work.
  • giving you advice about the outcome of the application and any further steps you need to take.
  • Preparing the necessary application/appeal forms on your behalf
  • Preparing grounds of appeal
  • All communication between the Home Office and other agencies concerning your application/appeal until we receive a written decision in your matter

Kindly bear in mind that the projected number of hours are an estimate and all cases will be assessed and a case by case basis, taking into consideration in its entirely.

The amount of fee would be negotiated on a case by case basis. Kindly refer to our Scale of fixed-fees for clarification. All fees are excluding VAT.

Disbursements- not included in solicitors’ costs which are payable to third parties

In complex matters, or those with a degree of difficult, we may recommend that you obtain the advice of a barrister, or a barrister is retained for the draft of court documentation and to represent you at Court if necessary.  We would instruct a barrister, only with your agreement and when you have been told the costs associated with this instruction.  Typically, we would expect barristers in immigration cases to charge between £300 and £500 per hour, excluding VAT - but often we would ask a barrister to fix their fee. Usually, if a barrister was involved in the drafting of court documents, we would expect them to charge between £300 and £500 excluding VAT and dependent on the volume of documentation the barrister has to review and the complexity of the matter. Also, if a barrister is instructed to represent you at Court, we would normally request a fixed-fee which could be in the region of £300 to £1200 excluding VAT, depending the seniority and the chambers.

Other likely disbursements that could be involved are:

  • Home Office fees which we will confirm with you at the outset or kindly refer to UK Border website
  • Interpreters fees if required depending on the issues involved. In these circumstances, it will normally require between 2-6 hours with an interpreter, depending on the complexity of your case.
  • Independent medical and other experts report. These are not required in many cases: we will let you know as soon as possible if we consider an expert report is necessary.
  • Business plan writers for entrepreneur
  • If there is an interview and we do attend with you, there will be additional disbursements in respect of our mileage/travel expenses.
  • Any Home Office fees  and/or Immigration Health Surcharge fees for making the application.
  • Where the Home Office refuse your application, advice and assistance in relation to any appeal/review or further work on the matter
  • Court fee when lodging an appeal application or JR process – if applicable

Time estimates to conclude your case

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a definite or an accurate timeframe, but based on our experiences it should take approximately 2-3 months for the Home Office to process your claim and reach a decision, and complicated cases could take approximately 4-6. Read the current processing times .

Our immigration team will usually be able to submit most applications within 3-6 weeks of receiving instruction, but this depends on whether all documentation is ready and/or if the application has sufficient merits. We will update you as soon as practicable if this changes.