Price Information

We at Eagle Solicitors are committed to ensure that our clients obtain justice. As such, we will ensure that we advise you precisely and we provide you with transparent and reasonable pricing and confirmation of the likely costs of your case.

Various funding options are available to suit different circumstances and we have excellent relationships with litigation funding providers. 

Whether you are an individual client or a PLC, we will ensure we explain:

  • How our fees will be calculated
  • Whether or not we can act for you under a fixed fee, unfortunately we do not offer conditional fee
  • How we have estimated our likely fees
  • How we have estimated the other costs that you may incur including disbursements
  • What our hourly rates are
  • Work to done in our estimate

Our team can assist under the following are able to act arrangements:

Hourly rate

We will confirm to you our hourly rate and make available an estimate of the amount of time which we consider will be required either to complete the legal work required or in respect of stages of the matter depending on complication. We are transparent in respect of our fees and will update you frequently on the costs of the matter.

We work to agreed hourly rates, as detailed below, with estimates for each stage of work provided in advance in our client care or updated letter.

If agreed to act for you under an hourly rate, our hourly rates are as follows:

Principal £340 excluding VAT per hour
Senior Solicitor £300 excluding VAT per hour
Solicitor £265 excluding VAT per hour
Trainee or paralegal £150 excluding VAT per hour

Fixed Fees

If we offer a fixed fee to complete the legal work required, we will let you know the cost at the beginning so that you have certainty and clarity in relation to the fees you will have to pay. We offer fixed fees for debt recovery work or the initial stages of a dispute.

Our fixed-fee, covers the initial stages of work, where we would provide you with advice, document review, a conference and a letter of claim for a fixed-fee.  The amount of the fee would be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. We would charge between £1,350.00 and £2,800.00 excluding VAT for this initial work. This does not include the issuing of any claim at court. If we advised you to issue a claim at court, we would provide you an estimate of costs for each stage of work and for the case overall. In some cases, we may be able to offer fixed fees, for each stage of work after a claim is issued.  More information on the process from issuing a claim, is available, please ask.

In larger debt recovery matters, or those with a degree of difficult, we may recommend that you obtain the advice of a barrister, or a barrister is retained for the draft of court documentation.  We would instruct a barrister, only with your agreement and when you have been told the costs associated with this instruction.  Typically, we would expect barristers in debt cases to charge between £200 and £500 per hour, excluding VAT - but often we would ask a barrister to fix their fee, for a discrete piece of work.  If a barrister was involved in the drafting of court documents, we would expect them to charge between £1,500 and £3,500 excluding VAT and dependent on the volume of documentation the barrister has to review and the complexity of the matter.

In addition, a court fee of between £25 and £10,000 will be payable, depending on the value of the debt.  You can request more information on court fees from us.

We do not offer No Win, No Fee-AKA- Conditional Fee

Legal Expense Insurance

Some personal and business insurance policies provide cover for legal expenses. We can review your policy and work out if your insurance company will cover your legal fees.

Legal Aid

We do not undertake legally aided work in this or other practice area.

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