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Debt Recovery for All

Our debt litigation solicitors are dedicated in making sure that justice is served.

Pursuing customers, clients and companies who owe money can be time consuming, demanding, exasperating and damaging to a company financially.

Our debt litigation team understands the significance of balancing the impact of bad debts against the cost of recovery which is why our service is tailored to each individual client.

Sending a letter before action can achieve results, compelling the debtor to make prompt payment, but if money isn’t forthcoming our team is experienced and vigorous in extracting payment. We know exactly what to do in a wide range of scenarios to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

We are able to handle all your debt matter; no debt is too low or high for our team.

Our high value debt recovery experts can assist with all stages to recovery:

  • Pre-action collection
  • County Court proceedings
  • High Court enforcement
  • Winding-up petitions
  • High value debts
  • Others

For a free, no-obligation discussion of how we may be able to help, please get in touch.

Call us on 020 7840 0671 or send us an email and make enquiry on line You can also make an appointment to come in to see us and someone will be able to assist you. However, a consultation fee of £120 excluding VAT will be charged for 45mins.

Sensible, matter-of-fact approach, exceptional personal service & client satisfaction,

We take a matter-of-fact and holistic view of all value debt recovery, making sure our approach is affiliated with our clients’ complete goals. As such, the options we recommend are cost-effective and meets our clients’ expectation in all circumstances.

We take pride in the high level of personal service we provide. Clients will always receive a call back the same day following an enquiry and can always speak to one of our partners when required. As a result, we consistently achieve excellent feedback from clients.

Our approach to help individuals to recover debts:

Pre-action debt collection; letter before action for debt recovery

Our team’s approach is to achieve an excellent result in your debt recovery matter, without the need for costly and contentious court proceedings. Having our team of dynamic and vigorous debt recovery solicitors in your corner demonstrates to the other party that you are serious and that you have the resources and willingness to take the matter further if they do not make payment.

Our team will send a detailed -drafted letter before action setting out the details of the debt and the action the client is willing to take is often enough to prompt swift payment. Our debt recovery team can draft a letter before action covering:

  • The amount of the debt owed.
  • The reason for the debt.
  • Any relevant contracts and agreements, as well as the applicable laws.
  • That further legal action will be taken if the debt is not repaid promptly or within a reasonable timescale.
  • The date by which the debt must be repaid to avoid further action.
  • Our solicitors’ details.

To make whole process straightforward and stress-free for our clients, we will continue to deal with any follow-up correspondence with the debtor until the matter is concluded whether it be to arrange payment or to issue court proceedings.

Mediation and private negotiation

It may be appropriate to negotiate with the debtor in some cases. This might be where they dispute the existence or the level of the debt, or it may be that they are willing to pay in a reasonable period. We can advise clients on the best suitable option moving forward in accordance to their situation. Our team know that it is paramount to represent our clients in negotiations or help them to prepare for mediation and review any agreement reached.

The good news is that this approach can be highly cost-effective where there is a dispute over a debt, while allowing our clients to retain control of any agreement reached over repayment of the debt.

County Court proceedings for debt recovery, High Court debt enforcement, winding –ups petition

It may necessary to take the matter to court for a resolution, if a debtor refuse to cooperate, pay the amount owed or reach a settlement.

Our debt recovery team will apply for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against the debtor, which can act as a strong incentive for them to resolve the matter. If a court issues a CCJ, this means that they are affirming that the debt exists and that the debtor must repay it.

A CCJ will stay on the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines for six years, significantly affecting the debtor’s credit rating. However, it the debtor pays within one month of a CCJ being issued, they can apply to have the judgement removed from the Register and protect their credit rating. A CCJ can, therefore, be very effective as a debt recovery tool.

If a CCJ does not prompt the debtor to deal with the matter, then we will be able to apply to the court for a range of debt enforcement options to recover the money our client is owed.

In the event that a CCJ has been issued and the debtor still fails to make payment, our high value debt recovery team will take firm action to enforce debt recovery for our clients.

We can apply to the High Court for various debt enforcement options including:

  • Requiring the debtor to attend court for questioning
  • Instructing High Court bailiffs to recover the debt
  • Making an attachment of earnings order if the debtor is employed (this will require their employer to deduct money from the debtor’s earnings to repay the debt)
  • Placing a charging order on the debtor’s property (if the property is subsequently sold, the debt must be repaid from the proceeds)

Our high value debt recovery solicitors are very experienced in using these debt enforcement options, so can ensure appropriate action is taken on our clients’ behalf.

Where a client is owed money by a company and that company is unable to repay the debt, we can apply to the court to ‘wind up’ the company i.e., to place the company into compulsory liquidation. The company’s assets can then be sold to help repay the debt.

A winding up petition can be used if a company owes an individual or business in excess of £750 and the creditor can prove the debt exists. If there are multiple creditors of a company being wound up, then exactly who gets repaid and how much they receive will depend on the circumstances.

Our high value debt recovery solicitors can advise on the suitability of applying to wind up a company, the costs involved and the likely outcome. If a client wishes to proceed down this route, we can then handle the whole process from start to finish.

Our debt recovery fees, fixed fee, hourly rates

Our solicitors understand that the cost in pursuing a debt must remain proportionate to the value of the debt. Hence, the perspective in relation to costs involved will be reasonable to the overall outcome that we can achieve.

In some cases, we may be able to act on a fixed fee basis where appropriate. Such as, preparing and drafting a detailed letter and communicating with the debtor can be completed for a fixed fee.

We will work according to an hourly rate, which will be determined by the level of expertise required when necessary and to provide clients with ongoing assistance and support. In such cases, we will provide a practical estimate of costs at the outset and keep clients updated at all times about any costs incurred. This allows our clients to stay in complete control of the cost of recovering their debt.

Our clients will always be provided with a detailed client care letter, clarifying the terms and conditions in which we are acting for them.