Our Commercial Property Department provides a professional, cost effective and efficient service on a range of Commercial Property matters. The team is experienced across all types of Commercial Property Law.

Contracts are necessary for entities to enter into healthy business relationships, thereby expanding their services and business. Our team work hard to understand your business and ensure you get the certainty, protection and benefit you want from contracts you enter into with other businesses and customers. 

We understand recovering debt can be difficult for businesses especially if they are dealing with elusive debtors which is often the case and other times the debt owed is disputed. Our team understands the importance and works and is dedicated to ensuring your business receives the money it is owed as soon as possible.

Insolvency is a difficult time for any business and we work to relieve the stress and pressure of this hard time. We work towards advising on recovering the business from Insolvency and also at times when recovery is no longer possible but an exit route is needed. At which point, we advise on the best options to take to declare insolvency and deal with creditors.

We have a dedicated team who appreciate and understand the importance of employee’s to businesses. The amount and depth of Employment legislation in the UK indicates just how complex and important this area of law is. There is a vast amount of legislation for an employer to get through and understand in order to make the correct decision. We work to ensure we make this process easier for you and provide you with advise on your relationship with your employees and also work to ensure you have maximum protection against Employment claims from employees. We will not only help you defend claims from Employees but also asist you into putting in policies which will protect you from future litigation.

If you are looking for Employment Solicitors we are the ideal choice for you.

Businesses are vulnerable to all sorts of threats of legal actions, claims and proceedings at Court. At other times your business may need to threaten and commence legal actions against others. This encompasses areas such as Contract, Employment, Debt, Property disputes and many other areas. We are experienced litigators and work to provide you with a cost effective solution. Litigation is not always the best route to seek a solution to a problem, and we are always mindful of this at every stage of your dispute. We are mindful of costs and ensure your business can resolve disputes with minimal damage to its income.

Upon your instructions, one of our first priorities are to understand your business. Members of our team, aside from being lawyers have experience in business from working in the financial services sector to the smaller sole trader businesses. Our team understands what is important for a business and they work to reflect this on your commercial matters and provide you with the best solution.

Companies Act 2006 came into force in October 2009. This act of parliament itself is a large piece of legislation which is supported by a vast array of other statute, instruments and case law. From incorporation to administration and to liquidating a company, a company must comply with a substantial number of legal requirements not to fall foul of legislation and incur penalties and fines. Understanding a Company's duties and obligations can be difficult which is why we are the best choice to simplify matters and provide you with a sound understanding of the Laws. We can advise Companies on all aspects of the law from pre-incorporation to post liquidation, our solutions are the most practical and cost effective.

Our Company team are friendly, approachable and ambitious. They will provide you with the ideal legal service which your board needs.